Colombia : the long road to peace

2017 03  fundepaz

After more than fifty years of conflict, the peace agreement signed between Colombia and the FARC was rejected by referendum last September. However, the process continues after the ratification of a new treaty at the end of 2016 ; the road to peace seems difficult, the situation is complex and is not just about an armed conflict.

AEDH spoke to two Colombian collaborators who work in different areas : Sembrar supports and defends campesinos in a territory with a high land property component (agriculture, gold mining) and Fundepaz has an observatory for human rights violations in the South of the country, area with coke cultivation, production and smuggling of cocaine. They provide us with their respective analysis.

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Central Africa : the regimes dig in

2017 03 burundi

In Central Africa, there is now a reversal of the democratic dynamic of the 90s that was characterised by the rise of political pluralism and competitive elections. Authoritarian creep, ‘constitutional coups’ and electoral fraud have become widespread, undermining all hope for a political changeover and the reinforcement of the rule of law. 

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Vietnam: warning from the president of the CVDDH

2016 12 Vo Van Ai

Vo Van Ai is a Vietnamese human rights defender, journalist, historian and poet. Arrested and tortured at the age of 11 for his involvement in the Vietnamese independence movement he is today the founding president of the Vietnamese Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CVDDH). He continues to fight for the defence of peace and democracy. He warns us about the persistence of human rights violations perpetrated by the Vietnamese communist regime.

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Return from mission in the DRC


2016 10 26 projet risk itw

At present, the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has become worrisome due to the political and social instability and a climate of widespread insecurity, especially in the North Kivu and South Kivu regions. The civil population in those provinces located in the east of the DRC are victims of constant violence and live under the threat of different armed rebel groups that the regular armed forces cannot contain. In this context, the defenders of human rights have a very important role and report the violations of human rights committed against the population.

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Witness statements