Hasna Abdul Reda: Defence of the most vulnerable victims in the Lebanon

Hasna Abdul Reda

AEDH has been supporting the Lebanese Centre for Human Rights since 2007. In October 2014 we welcomed Hasna Abdul Reda, a lawyer working for CLDH, during the Fortnight for Equality between Women and Men organised under the auspices of the Rhone Alpes Region of France.

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Virginie Mounkoro: The fight against female circumcision

 Virginie Mounkoro

Since 2007, AEDH has been working in partnership with the Malian organisation APSEF. Its president, Virginie Mounkoro, explains what the group is doing to combat female circumcision, which is still a common practice in Mali.

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Elizardo Sanchez: Has anything changed in Cuba?

 Elizardo Sanchez

In March, Elizardo Sanchez and Barbara Estrabao of CCDHRN (translated as the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation), an organisation that AEDH has been supporting for more than fifteen years, met with us in Lyon. We caught up with them to learn about the current situation in Cuba.

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Ekaterina Veleva: Mobilising against human trafficking in Bulgaria

Ekaterina Veleva

The Pulse foundation, an AEDH partner organisation since 2007 – works to stop human trafficking and protect women victims of trafficking in Bulgaria. In this interview, Ekaterina Veleva, president of the Pulse Foundation, tells us about her organisation’s objectives and activities.

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