Brahim Ebety: arbitrary omprisonment of anti-slavery activists

Brahim Ebety

Brahim Ebety is a well-known Mauritanian Lawyer and an old friend of AEDH. He is one of the group of lawyers who are defending Biram Dah Abeid, Brahim Ould Bilal and Djiby Sow, all activists fighting the practice of slavery in Mauritania, and recently sentenced to two years in prison. Biram and Brahim are the President and Vice President respectively of the Mauritanian movement IRA (Initiative for the Reinforcement of the Abolition). AEDH worked alongside a number of Mauritanian and international organisations to protest their wrongful imprisonment and has supported those in prison through its emergency fund for human rights defenders. Brahim Ebety reveals the truth about this affair.

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Baudouin Kipaka Basilimu : Judge and human rights defender in DRC

Baudouin Kipaka basilimu intro

AEDH has been supporting the human rights organisation Homme Arche d’Alliance since 2008. The South Kivu-based organisation is a partner in the DECLIK initiative, supported by the European Union. Baudoun Kipaka Basilimu, coordinator of Homme Arche d’Alliance, judge and human rights defender, tells us what is behind his commitment to the cause.

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Vicar BATUNDI HANGI : Defending the rights of indigenous people in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Vicar Batundi Hangi

Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l’Homme has been working with the indigenous ‘Pygmy’ people of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for the past ten years. Since November of 2014, AEDH has been coordinating the APPEL project, which seeks to improve the Pygmy people’s access to their rights and encourage the reform of land laws. Through the DECLIK programme, an initiative aimed at developing human rights initiatives in North and South Kivu, the organisation has also been supporting FDAPID-Hope for Indigenous People, which defends the rights of the Bambuti people, an indigenous group living in North Kivu. The APPEL and DECLIK programmes enjoy the support of the European Union. Vicar Batundi Hangi is the coordinator of FDAPID.

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Julie Thomas talks about working as a volunteer for human rights “here and over there”

Julie Thomas

Julie Thomas is one of a number of volunteers who contribute their skills and experience to the work of AEDH. Julie is studying law and political science and has been a volunteer with us for nearly two years. On top of that she worked with one of our partners in Togo, for a month this year.

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