Mali: the flight of the APSEF against the practice of female excision

2016 10 Nana Thiam

The APSEF – Association for the Promotion of the Right and Wellbeing of Children and Families – has the goal to promote and defend women and children’s human rights in Mali, particularly fighting against female genital mutilation, forced marriage and customs harmful to women. Nana Thiam, representative of the APSEF, explained to us the actions that this association carries out in Mali. 

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Burundi: despite a murder attempt against him, Pierre Clavier continues the fight for human rights

Pierre Claver

On 3 August 2015, our friend Pierre Clavier Mbonimpa, president of the Burundian association APRODH, was victim of an assassination attempt. Seriously injured, he had to be repatriated to Belgium. His son-in-law had been assassinated on 9 October 2015 and one of his sons had been found dead on 6 November, a few hours after being detained by the Burundian police. Battered and forced to exile, Pierre Claver has still not abandoned his commitment in the defence of fundamental rights and the Rule of Law. He represents the gravity of the situation that his country is going through.

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Congo : a widespread practice of torture and arbitrary detentions

PhotoTresorSince January 2016, AEDH has been coordinating the implementation of the MANDAT project (Mobilise and Animate the efforts of civilians in the fight against Arbitrary Detention and Torture in the Republic of the Congo) in collaboration with the Congolese Observatory of Human Rights and with support from the European Union. Our partner has been recently awarded the Human Rights Prize of the French Republic. Meeting with its coordinator Tresor Chardon Nzila.

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Bertho Makso: Proud Lebanon comes to the aid of Syrian and Iraqi refugees

Bertho Makso, fondateur et directeur de Proud LebanonDuring a visit to the Lebanon in June 2015 John Edmundson and Guilhem Papelard, President and Manager Development met Proud Lebanon, a recently created human rights organisation defending the LGBTI community. The aim of this organisation is to reinforce the Lebanese LGBTI community and to help Syrian and Lebanese LGBTI refugees fleeing conflicts.

Meeting with Bertho Makso, Director of Proud Lebanon.

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