SOS IJM is fighting for rights

Based in Bukavu, South Kivu, the Multisectorial Juridical Information SOS Association (SOS IJM in french) promotes human rights, fundamental freedoms, and their effective implementation, especially at the judicial level. SOS IJM is one of the three partner organizations of the RISK Project, coordinated by AEDH, which was created to protect and rescue the human rights defenders from the Kivu region.

Annociata Nsimire is in charge of SOS-IJM’s “legal clinic” in Cirunga, in Kabara territory, where she is assisting many people with their legal procedures. On June 19, while she had received a summons by the Public Prosecutor of the Peace Court of Kabara, six policemen came to arrest her at her office. She was mistreated and dragged off to the Prosecutor’s office. She was kept there for 4 hours and had to endure degrading treatment.

The Prosecutor accused her of substituting for the Public Prosecutor’s office because she counselled and accompanied the most disadvantaged people ! She was finally released thanks to the intervention of SOS-IJM’s lawyer.

AEDH’s emergency fund, through the RISK Project, was called onto in order to organize Annociata’s relocation in a safe place for 1 month and to give her psychological counselling. The SOS-IJM Association has also enlisted a lot of players from the Congolese civil society in order to lead advocacy actions at the level of administrative and judicial authorities and denounce the Prosecutor of Kabara’s wrongdoings. At the end of her relocation period, Annociata came back to Cirunga where she resumed her legal assistance activities offered to the most vulnerable people. From then on, she applied safety measures that were recommended to her by the RISK Project teams.

Félix Bleton



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