Vietnam, 5th biggest world executor


Between 2013 and 2016, Vietnam executed 429 prisoners according to a report released by the Vietnamese Secretary of National Security. This makes it one of the countries with the most executions.

The report provides information on the use of the death penalty since the adoption of the law replacing the firing squad with the legal injection, considered “more humane”. After the entry into force of this measure, the use of the death penalty continued used but the country could not carry out executions due to the prohibition by the European Union to export lethal substances. In 2013, more than 700 people were awaiting execution. The same year, the Vietnamese authorities authorised the use of non-tested local substances, causing painful and slow agony.

In 2016, there were 681 convicted in the death row, 80 awaiting a new trail and 36 died before their execution.

For Vo Văn Ai, president of the Vietnam Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CVDD), "these figures are frightening. The use of the death penalty is particularly worrisome […] The State can kill people as they wish because there is no Rule of Law".

The number of crimes punishable by death penalty has decreased but the convictions continue and target mostly dissidents, accused of vague crimes concerning "national security".

Farah Ouertani





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