A platform for Human Rights NGOs


While French NGOS, active in different sectors involving international solidarity (humanitarian aid, development, education), have had co-operatives at their disposal for many years for them to gather, there never was any network offering a permanent space dedicated to exchange and collaboration for NGOs committed to defending human rights. This has led, for instance, to an absence of regular dialogue between players, a lack of collective representation, and a lack of visibility.

Having shared this observation with 2 other NGOs (Ensemble Contre la Peine de Mort and Terre des Hommes – France), AEDH has taken action in favour of the creation of a worldwide French platform for human rights NGOs since 2015. A preparatory phase was run between November 2016 and June 2017, which made it possible to formalize the collective will to structure this sector and to specify the shared representation / visibility and mutual linking/reinforcement objectives.

Following this first phase, 12 organisations* have expressed their wish to join this platform, which was officially launched on September 26.

*Alliance des Avocats pour les Droits de lHomme, Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de lHomme, Avocats Sans Frontières, Collectif des Familles de Disparus en Algérie, ECPAT France, Ensemble Contre la Peine de Mort ; Fédération Euro-Méditerranéenne contre les Disparitions forcées ; Fédération International de ACAT ; IREX Europe ; Observatoire International pour les avocats en danger ; Prison Insider ; Terre des Hommes France.


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