Protecting the rights of the child at all costs

Samba Mwanas

In Gabon, the Samba Mwanas Organisation is working to promote and protect the rights of the child. Fighting against child sexual abuse, it aims to break the taboo by raising awareness and welcomes young victims who benefit from medical, legal and social assistance. Samba Mwanas has received the support of the AEDH as part of the DEFI project. Here are a few statements from its president, Hortense Nname, who was forced to flee the country after the presidential elections of August 2016.

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A platform for Human Rights NGOs


While French NGOS, active in different sectors involving international solidarity (humanitarian aid, development, education), have had co-operatives at their disposal for many years for them to gather, there never was any network offering a permanent space dedicated to exchange and collaboration for NGOs committed to defending human rights. This has led, for instance, to an absence of regular dialogue between players, a lack of collective representation, and a lack of visibility.

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Improving the working conditions of mining companies and companies operating in free zones

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For more than ten years, SADD has been working to promote and defend the rights of workers in multinationals established in free zones and for six years, it has been working in favour of the mining companies. The organization aims to improve their living and working conditions and to promote the development of the populations living in the areas where these companies are located. SADD's action is supported by AEDH and the Foundation for Human Rights.

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SOS IJM is fighting for rights

Based in Bukavu, South Kivu, the Multisectorial Juridical Information SOS Association (SOS IJM in french) promotes human rights, fundamental freedoms, and their effective implementation, especially at the judicial level. SOS IJM is one of the three partner organizations of the RISK Project, coordinated by AEDH, which was created to protect and rescue the human rights defenders from the Kivu region.

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Witness statements