OCDH logoCountry : Congo

City : Brazzaville

Creation : 1994

Local issues : The Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville) is the scene of numerous fundamental rights violations. Individual freedoms are flouted and any protest movement is stifled by the authorities. Arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions, torture or ill-treatment are carried out with impunity by the armed forces.


Missions : The OCDH works for the promotion and defense of human rights in the Congo, mostly organizing the defense of victims of fundamental rights violations, carrying out educational activities and numerous actions to denounce cases of human rights violations, corruption and infringement of the democratic process.

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Partnership with AEDH : since 1996

Partnership : From 2002 until 2007, OCDH has been supported in the context of the project of practical education for young defenders of human rights in Africa. Since 2016, AEDH and OCDH have been collaborating on the project MANDAT.

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