MANDAT project

Project MANDATEncouraging and assisting Civil Society in the fight against arbitrary detention and torture in the Republic of the Congo

The MANDAT project which started in January 2016 is being managed jointly by AEDH and the Congolese NGO, The Congolese Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH).

MANDAT aims to contribute to democracy and the rule of law, as well as to the promotion and the protection of human rights and basic freedoms in the Republic of the Congo.

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APPEL project

Images EN page001Accompany the pygmy peoples in their access to human rights, and work for the reform of the property laws in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The APPEL project started in November 2014 and is managed by AEDH in collaboration with :

  • OSAPY (Organisation for accompanying and supporting the Pygmies)
  • OCEAN (Congolese Organisation of Ecologists and Friends of Nature)

The project aims to combat discrimination experienced by the indigenous pygmy peoples in DRC, especially those in the provinces of Bandundu, Equator and Orientale.

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DEFI project

Images EN page002Develop and support initiatives taken by Civil Society Organisations in Central Africa

The DEFI project started in September 2014. This three years long project will support thirty small but growing human rights organisations in five central African countries: Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, and three provinces in DRC (Province Orientale, North Kivu and South Kivu).

Each NGO selected will receive a grant of up to 10 000 euros and will be helped to strengthen its capacity for action and influence.

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