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Human Rights Committee - Fray Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada

Location : Ocosingo (Chiapas)

Creation : 1994

Local issues : The state of Chiapas, in the South of Mexico, has a large indigenous population spread through several ethnic groups descending from the Mayas (Tseltales, Tzotziles, Choles, Tojolabales, etc.). The armed confrontations linked to the uprising of the EZLN (Zapatist Army of National Liberation) in 1994 have long ended but the region remains the scene of high tension. Despite being rich in natural resources, the indigenous population of Chiapas is affected by widespread poverty, discrimination and internal conflicts.

fraypedroMissions : The Human Rights Committee – Fray Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada has set for its mission to defend peacefully the culture and dignity of the Indian population of Chiapas and to promote the respect of human rights within the indigenous community in the respect of their ancestral customs. The Committee has proposed in particular training on fundamental rights in order for the indigenous population to mobilise against the abuse of authority and all the types of violence they are subjected to.

Important : Most of the responsibilities within the Committee are in charge of the Indians themselves, men and women. AEDH was the first international organisation to finance the Human Rights Committee – Fray Pedro de la Nada.

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Partnership with AEDH : since 1994

AEDH Support : For several years AEDH has supported the programmes of the Fray Pedro Committee on the training of Indian promoters of human rights in several indigenous communities of the Chiapas region.

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