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OIP-Argentina – International Observatory of Prisons

OIPLocation : Buenos Aires

Creation : 1999

Local issues : Argentinian authorities apply a very repressive penitentiary policy that has been denounced by the UN several times. For the detainees, this means deficient physical conditions of detention, violations to physical and psychological integrity, to their dignity, to their right to health, education and training.

OIPMissions : The mandate of the Argentinian section of the OIP is to observe and monitor the respect of human rights for people deprived of freedom in regards to the rights set out in the Argentinian constitution and the international conventions ratified by the country. The association drafts annual reports on the situation of human rights in detention centres of the country and releases them to the Argentinian authorities, the media, institutions and international NGOs. The association denounces infringements to fundamental rights in Argentinian prisons and releases alerts on individual cases that are particularly grave.

Important : The OIP-Argentina is currently the only association in the country to release annual reports on prisons.

Partnership with AEDH : since 2011

AEDH Support : AEDH supports the ‘Opening Doors’ project aimed at allowing OIP-Argentina to reinforce its observatory and monitoring work on the respect of human rights in the different prisons of the country, especially in the northwest region.

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