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AVENIRLocation : Zhytomyr

Creation : 2002

Local issues : In a context of economic difficulties characterized by high inflation and low wages, the perspective of employment abroad appears particularly appealing for Ukrainians, especially youngsters. The networks of human traffickers recruit their victims without difficulty, promising a better future in a foreign country. A study carried out in 2007 by the International Organization of Migration showed that 116 000 Ukrainians were victims of human trafficking. Millions of women are sold to the purpose of sexual exploitation in Western Europe, Turkey or Israel. Men are, increasingly, also victims of economic exploitation and are subjected to quasi-slavery, particularly in Russia or Poland.

AvenirMissions : AVENIR fights against human trafficking through preventativei actions, especially with students and bring assistance to trafficking victims in the region of Zhytomyr. The association broadcasts information brochures and displays posters in the places targeted by traffickers (employment agencies, matrimonial agencies, travel agencies, stations, bars, etc.). More than 15 000 people have benefited from the association’s awareness campaign since its creation.

Important : AVENIR is also committed to the fight against the impunity of human traffickers and supports the legal action of young Ukrainian women having escaped.

Partnership with AEDH : since 2002

AEDH support : AEDH supports AVENIR’s programme of prevention of modern slavery and the identification of human trafficking victims which allows them to organize many awareness sessions with young people – men and women – in schools and universities, as well as with teaching staff to inform them of the risks of trafficking and the way the trafficking networks operate.

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