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The League of Rights and Liberties (LDL)

LDL logoCountry: Cameroun

City: Bafoussam

Creation: 1992

Local issues: The situation of pre-trial detainees is very problematic in Cameroun, as well as in the other countries of Central Africa. Defendants awaiting trial represent more than 60% of the prison population. In Cameroun, there is legislation concerning the legal assistance of impoverished detainees. Legal assistance is compulsory and free of charge for the duration of the criminal trial, and optional in other litigations. Except in criminal litigation, legal assistance for impoverished people is ineffective for the duration of the trial. The latter are unaware of the applicable law and face financial difficulties to deal with the real cost of justice in Cameroun.

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Un Monde Avenir (A World to Come)

Un monde AvenirLocation : Douala

Creation : 2003

Local issues : in the south of Cameroon, migrants expelled from Gabon and Equatorial Guinea or those that did not manage to cross the border to those countries, pile up in deplorable conditions in the city of Kye Ossi. Gabon and Equatorial Guinea attract migrants from West Africa and Central Africa due to their economic dynamism and their wealth in oil and wood. However, both countries have a very strict migration policy and carry out abusive arrests and mass expulsions of migrants, along with inhumane treatment and extortion. The Cameroonian authorities have adopted a wait-and-see policy and the corruption network develops in the road checkpoints. Most of the expelled migrants stay in the small city of Kye Ossi because they have no resources and are far from their country of origin. They live in precarious conditions, with no access to basic hygiene or health services. Poorly looked upon by the population, they are rejected and forced to live hand to mouth.

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