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DCI Ghana – Defense for Children International Ghana

DCIGhanaLocation : Kumasi

Creation : 1996

Local issues : In Ghana, in the Ashanti region, the city of Kumasi is the centre for human trafficking. It is located in the very centre of the country and constitutes an important hub between the routes in the country. The children victims of trafficking are forced to become carriers, servers, salesmen or domestic servants. Due to the nature of their work and their living conditions, these children are easily drawn into delinquency, theft, drug traffic, prostitution and are subjected to numerous forms of violence.

DCIGhanaMissions : DCI-Ghana’s objectives are the defense and promotion of children rights as recognised by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The association, active in the field of reinsertion of homeless children, detained minors, the fight against labour or sexual exploitation, has engaged since 2007 in the fight against children trafficking in Kumasi. In 1999, it inaugurated in the city a Centre for Socio-legal assistance for children. DCI-Ghana also implements projects aiming to promote equality for young girls and young women.

Important : DCI-Ghana is the national antenna in the worldwide movement Defence for Children International.

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Partnership with AEDH : since 2002

AEDH Support : AEDH first supported the legal assistance project by DCI-Ghana for incarcerated minors and has been supporting since 2013 its actions in the fight against children trafficking in the Kumasi region.

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