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ADHUC - Association on Human Rights in the Prison Environment

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Location : Brazzaville. The association has six regional branches.

Creation : 1995

Local issues : The situation in prisons flouts the most basic rights of the detainees and specifically of the pygmy minority. The physical conditions of detention harms human dignity and some detainees are unfairly detained or kept in detention after having served their sentence. Growing concern: the flow of refugees and asylum seekers leads to a weakening of their rights in the context of an increase of xenophobia in Brazzaville. In 2015, the Congo received 49 430 refugees and asylum seekers, mainly coming from the DRC (18 800 individuals). They are victims of arbitrary arrest and detention, torture, inhumane treatment, discrimination and extortion. These abuses are committed by public agents and some Congolese citizens.

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ALTO African Children

AltoLocation : Pointe Noire

Creation : 2002

Local issues : The Republic of the Congo is considered as a country of origin but also a destination for children victims of human trafficking for the purpose of forced labour or sexual exploitation. The two main destination cities are Brazzaville (which receives a large number of victims from the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Pointe Noire (which received children victims mainly from West Africa and more particularly from Benin). These children are enslaved and exploited as domestic labour, as street vendors, or employed in fishing activities and in certain cases delivered to prostitution rings. Many are subjected to inhumane treatment. All of them without school enrolment and free time.

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OCDH logoCountry : Congo

City : Brazzaville

Creation : 1994

Local issues : The Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville) is the scene of numerous fundamental rights violations. Individual freedoms are flouted and any protest movement is stifled by the authorities. Arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions, torture or ill-treatment are carried out with impunity by the armed forces.

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