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OSAPY (Organisation for the Support of Pygmies)

OSAPY logo

Country: the Democratic Republic of the Congo

City: Kisangani


Local issues: In the DRC, the indigenous pygmy people are faced with grave violations of their fundamental rights. This situation is intensified in the remote areas of the province of Bandundu, Equator and Oriental in which the discrimination that still exists is extremely concerning. Pygmies are forest people who depend entirely of the resources of their eco system. Over the years, they have been dispossessed and thrown out of the territories that were their only source of subsistence and the basis of their social system. Today, they find themselves very marginalised at the heart of the Congolese society.

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Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko (RSM)

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Country: The Democratic Republic of the Congo

City: Bukavu

Creation: 2010

Local issues: Since the mid-2000, discrimination acts against the LGBTI (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals and Intersexual) have increased a lot in the DRC, as well as in many countries in Central Africa (Cameroun, Uganda and Burundi). It is the actions of the population but also that of law enforcement authorities who carry out arbitrary arrests and illegal detention, along with intimidation and extortions. A homophobic public speech is used at the same time by some conservative evangelists who link homosexuality to Satanism or Occultism, and by political personalities who assimilate homosexuality to a scourge imported from Western culture and therefore contrary to African traditions. In January 2009, the Parliament passed a Bill prohibiting same sex adoption.

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SOFAC - Solidarity and Fraternity in Action

SOFACLocation : Goma

Creation : 1998

Local issues : in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the Kivus, numerous conflicts lead to violence of a rare intensity of which the civil population is the first victim. Sexual violence against women is widespread. Rape is used as an actual war weapon with dramatic individual and collective consequences. It isolates women from their community and families. Often, women who got pregnant as a result of the rape are rejected by their immediate family and friends.

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SUWE – Synergie Ukingo Wetu

City: Goma

Creation: 2014

Local issues: North Kivu is prey to recurrent instability since 1996 and the beginning of the civil war that ravaged the Democratic Republic of Congo. Civilians are constantly faced with security problems and are victim of abuse.

In this context, defenders of human rights play a crucial role by denouncing these violations and fighting against impunity. Because of their activities, they face threats and intimidation: kidnapping, arbitrary detention, judicial or disciplinary harassment.

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VughumaCity: Mbau

Creation: 2009

Local issues: North Kivu is victim of a recurring instability since 1996 and the beginning of the civil war that devastated the Democratic Republic of Congo. Civilians are constantly faced with security problems and are the victims of abuses. Beni territory (Mbau sector), in which numerous armed groups strike, is particularly exposed. Many civilian massacres are perpetrated there with impunity since November 2014.

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