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Humanity For All (HPT)

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City: Goma

Creation: 2012

Local Issues: The territory of Nyiragongo was particularly affected by armed and ethnic conflicts that affected the region of North Kivu. It was a highly strategic location for the M23 rebels as they threatened to take the city of Goma at the end of 2012. This area is still home to some of the Rwandan FDLR rebels who live in the Virunga Park.

During conflicts, sexual violence has been used as a weapon against the population, both by the FARDC for having supposedly collaborated with the enemy as well as by rebel groups by way of reprisal against the "enemy" community. Sexual violence persists today and it is committed by armed groups that continue to occupy the Virunga park, but also by young men in villages.

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Missions: HPT aims to provide support for women survivors of sexual violence and to mobilize all community layers in order to fight against sexual violence in North Kivu, in the Nyiragongo territory.

Note: HPT started working specifically on the issue of sexual violence in 2014 by setting up a popularization project of the 2006 law on sexual violence in schools. The association has raised awareness in 15 schools and created "committees of students for awakening and warning" of sexual violence cases in schools.

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AEDH partnership: since 2014

AEDH support: As part of the DEFI project, AEDH supports the general functioning of the association and has financed the creation of a counseling and legal orientation center to better support victims of sexual violence. HPT was also helped as part of the DECLIK project.

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