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SOFAC - Solidarity and Fraternity in Action

SOFACLocation : Goma

Creation : 1998

Local issues : in the East of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the Kivus, numerous conflicts lead to violence of a rare intensity of which the civil population is the first victim. Sexual violence against women is widespread. Rape is used as an actual war weapon with dramatic individual and collective consequences. It isolates women from their community and families. Often, women who got pregnant as a result of the rape are rejected by their immediate family and friends.

SOFACMissions : SOFAC was created in Goma in 1998 by a group of instructors. The objectives of the organization are to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of vulnerable persons and more particularly women and children. SOFAC is committed in the defense and promotion of human rights, through monitoring, and is especially involved in the assisting victims of sexual violence.

Important : The association collaborated closely with other local organisations, particularly those that bring together widows, who are in a particularly precarious situation.

Partnership with AEDH : since 2003.

AEDH Support : support to several projects of protection of children rights, mostly aiming to ensure their registration into the civil register, and the defense of the rights of women victims of sexual violence.

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