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ACMEJ logoCity/Location: The Ruzizi river plain in South Kivu

Creation: 2001

Local issues: The Ruzizi river plain acts as a border between the DRC and the neighbouring countries, Rwanda and Burundi. It is the scene of grave and repeated human rights violations. In this area, where few associations defending and promoting human rights violations have seen the light of day, the proliferation of armed groups is a major threat on the local population, faced with the arbitrary and with violence. As a consequence of over twenty years of conflict and disintegration of the Rule of Law, the region is a regular scene of mob justice cases and witch hunts.

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FADPID logoCountry: the Democratic Republic of the Congo

City: Goma

Creation: 1990 (stopped activities in 1992 and resumed them in 2004 due to the civil war)

Local issues: With an estimated population of 600 000 people, pygmies represent close to 1 % of the population of the DRC. Considered as the first inhabitant of the Congolese basin, these indigenous people are not numerous enough to have a significant influence. They have been particularly affected and continue to suffer the agony of years of successive conflict that the DRC has gone through. They have been victims of many violations – assassinations, summary executions, kidnappings, sexual violence, cannibalism – expression deeply rooted racial discriminations. On the economic and social side, the pressure exerted by Bantu farmers and herdsmen, the deforestation phenomenon and a settlement tendency enhance their precarious situation and the discriminations they are subjected to, especially in relation to land.

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Humanity For All (HPT)

HPT logo

City: Goma

Creation: 2012

Local Issues: The territory of Nyiragongo was particularly affected by armed and ethnic conflicts that affected the region of North Kivu. It was a highly strategic location for the M23 rebels as they threatened to take the city of Goma at the end of 2012. This area is still home to some of the Rwandan FDLR rebels who live in the Virunga Park.

During conflicts, sexual violence has been used as a weapon against the population, both by the FARDC for having supposedly collaborated with the enemy as well as by rebel groups by way of reprisal against the "enemy" community. Sexual violence persists today and it is committed by armed groups that continue to occupy the Virunga park, but also by young men in villages.

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Lotus Group

groupelotusLocation : Kisangani

Creation : 1992

Local issues : the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC : Congo-Kinshasa) is the scene of recurrent violence and countless violations of human rights. The multiple conflicts, especially in the east of the country, have created a climate of violence and strong instability that lasted more than 20 years. Too often exploited according to their regional or ethnic identities, the population lives in a climate of mistrust or even hostility which puts at risk the perspective of a calm and peaceful cohabitation. They are also confronted with deep inequalities and with a chronic deficit in the basic services and infrastructure.

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OCEAN (Congolese Organisation of Ecologists and Friends of Nature)

OCEAN logo

Country: The Democratic Republic of the Congo

City: Kisangani

Creation: 1994

Local issues: In the DRC, the indigenous pygmy people are faced with grave violations of their fundamental rights. This situation is worse in the remote areas of the province of Bandundu, Equator and Oriental in which the discrimination that still exists is extremely concerning. Pygmies are forest people who depend entirely on the resources of their eco system. Over the years, they have been dispossessed and thrown out of the territories that were their only source of subsistence and the basis of their social system. Today, they find themselves very marginalised at the heart of the Congolese society.

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