Protect the defenders of religious freedom in Pakistan

2016 05 02 HFO

HFO (Human Friends Organisation) is an association in Pakistan that defends the rights of religious minorities, particularly Christian.

The Pakistani association carries out projects of promotion and defence of religious freedom. The association also gives assistance to victims and has been the spearheading of the defence of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani woman who, in October 2014, was convicted to the death penalty by the High Court of Lahore for blasphemy against Islam.

The HFO headquarters are located in Youhanabad, the Christian neighbourhood of Lahore, scene of violence against Christian communities. In 2015, Christians from the neighbourhood were victims of several attacks, mostly in churches, attributable to radical Islamist groups. Concerned for the security of the staff and the security of the locals, the association requested the intervention of the Emergency Fund for the endangered defenders in order to take over measures of risk prevention.

With the support of the OMCT (World Organisation Against Torture), AEDH’s Emergency Fund intervened to reinforce the security at the headquarters (CCTV, construction of a high wall, a power generator to overcome power cuts…) and to therefore allow HFO to continue its activities under the best possible conditions, despite a difficult and tense context.

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