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The French Development Agency (AFD) is the French government agency responsible for development. For the last seventy years it has combated poverty and fought for the development of the countries of the South.

AFD supports AEDH through the DEFI project.

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 Fondation de franceThe Fondation de France, created in 1969, is a private and independent organisation that manages philanthropic projects.

The Fondation de France supports AEDH through the DEFI project.

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 fondation pour les droits humainsThe Foundation for Human Rights supports the defence and promotion of fundamental rights and international solidarity. The Foundation gives grants to French and foreign NGOs that works with an emphasis on those who are the most vulnerable.

The Foundation for Human Rights supports AEDH’s Emergency Fund for Human Rights Defenders in danger and some of AEDH’s partners on the ground.

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Un monde par tousThe Foundation Un Monde Par Tous supports universal citizenship projects that encourage collective action. Since 1996, the Foundation helps Human Rights and non violence defence and advocacy as well as self-organisation by the marginalised.

Un Monde par Tous supports the Emergency Fund of AEDH.

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BarreaudeparissolidaritéThe solidarity fund of the Paris Bar Association supports, promotes and carries out a wide range of activities in support of the public interest in the field of law. The fund encourages access to the legal system, humanitarian law, respect for the individual and the protection of the environment and provides financial support to these ends. In particular its activities concern the fight against exclusion in France, and against capital punishment internationally.

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 Betto SeragliniBetto Seraglini Endowment Fund was created in 2013 to allow the vulnerable populations to have access to international justice.

The Betto Seraglini Foundation has supported AEDH through funding for some of AEDH’s partners.

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IEDDHThe European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) seeks to reinforce respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in those regions where they are most threatened. EIDHR seeks also to support civil society in the promotion of human rights and democratic reforms.

EIDHR supports AEDH’s Emergency Fund for the defence of Human Rights Defenders in danger, as well as the DEFI and APPEL projects.

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Dutch ministryThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands supports organizations working for human rights worldwide.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands supports the actions of AEDH through its Fund for Human Rights within the framework of the RISK project.

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 National endowment for democracyThe National Endowment for Democracy is a private non profit making foundation working globally for the strengthening of democratic institutions. NED makes 1000 Gants annually in more than 90 countries, in support of NGOs working for increased democracy.

NED supports the DEFI and DECLIK projects managed by AEDH.

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 Rhone AlpesThe Rhone Alps Region of France is engaged in the fight for universal access to human rights and to universal wealth. The Region supports equality between women and men and has taken a stance at both the regional and the international level in favour of international solidarity.

The Rhone Alps Region supports AEDH through its support for the DEFI project.

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 Res PublicaThe organisation Res Publica supports values of solidarity, citizenship, freedom of thought, of speech and of action.

Res Publica is totally free of all political, intellectual or financial pressure, Res Publica has supported the Emergency Fund of AEDH.

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 Secours populaireSince 1945 the French organisation Secours Populaire has been working to make solidarity global through 200 emergency activities and international development programmes with more than 150 organisations in more than 60 countries.

The Rhone branch of Secours Populaire has supported AEDH’s work through grants to partner NGOs on the ground.

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sigrid rausing trust eelc funders

Founded in 1995 the Sigrid Rausing Trust aims to encourage the international movement for human rights. It provides financial support for projects on advocacy, documentation and the investigation of cases, and intervenes on topics such as detention, torture and the death penalty, human rights defenders, the  freedom of expression, transitional justice, women’s rights, rights of LGBTI communities’, xenophobia and intolerance as well as transparency and responsibility.

For more information on the Sigrid Rausing Trust Fund: click here


Ville de Lyon

Birthplace of many NGOs the City of Lyon encourages the strong growth of local NGOs whose activities are agreed by the City Council. The City of Lyon provides support for the recurrent costs of AEDH.

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 Ville de VilleurbaneVilleurbanne supports local associations and initiatives supporting solidarity.

Villeurbanne supports the work of AEDH through a grant to the recurrent costs of the organisation.

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