OSAPY (Organisation for the Support of Pygmies)

OSAPY photoMissions: OSAPY intervenes in the Oriental, Equator and Bandundu provinces. The association has, as a first step, helped pygmies of the Opala region to access land property and send their children to school. The mandate of OSAPY widened and the organisation now works on the consequences of the exploitation of natural resources on the rights of the forest people, on the Reduction of the Emission due to Deforestation and Degradation of the Forests (REDD) and on the social responsibility of companies. It implements its mandate supporting the communities to make sure that the Code of Mines and Forests is respected in negotiating with farming and mining companies and carrying out international advocacy actions.

Partnership with AEDH: since 2004.

AEDH Support: AEDH has supported the pacific coexistence process between the pygmies and the Bantu. It collaborates with OSAPY in the APPEL project (Support the Access of the Pygmy People to their Rights and Encouragement of a reform of the Land Law in the DRC).

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