OCEAN (Congolese Organisation of Ecologists and Friends of Nature)

OCEANMissions: OCEAN intends to reinforce the engagement of the local communities and the indigenous people in the conservation of the ecosystem and the managing of natural resources. The challenge is to restore and maintain the ecological balance of natural ecosystems whilst, at the same time, encouraging a socio-economic development and developing the rights of the communities.

Important: OCEAN carries out a mapping of the territory owned by the pygmies and of parcels of land where the preservation is essential for the ecologic balance. These data allow the pygmies to better claim their land and to negotiate certain rights of use.

Partnership with AEDH: since 2013

AEDH Support: AEDH collaborates with OCEAN in the APPEL project (Support the Access of the Pygmy People to their Rights and Encouragement of a reform of the Land Law in the DRC).




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